tanford Dragonboat

Who are we? STANFORD! What are we? DRAGONBOAT!

What is dragonboat?

Dragonboating is an on-water paddling sport, consisting of 20 paddlers, one drummer, and one steersperson. It is a physically demanding sport, but also a very rewarding activity, building strong camaraderie between team members as improving individual fitness. What makes this sport so unique is that it demands perfect unity - for 20 paddlers to do the exact same motion with exact precision at the same time.

When did Stanford Dragonboat first begin?

Stanford Dragonboat first began in the year 2003, but since then has experienced a lot of fluctuation in leadership and paddler number. The 2011 season marked a revamped beginning, but this 2013-2014 season is going to be unprecedented. We are hoping to expand our team from 30 strong last year to 60 strong this year. A 400% increase. You can help us make this goal by signing up and coming out to our hangouts, socials, and of course practices.

How much do I have to pay?

Boat rental, space rental, transportation to practice sites, paddles, and personal flotation devices are all provided, free of charge. 

For local races, we often cover our race fees from the generous contributions of The Stanford Fund, but if we need you to pay a race fee, it'll be no more than 20 dollars. 

Overnight races vary from 60 dollars to 100 dollars. This covers the race fees, hotel cost, and transportation to the race. 

What is the commitment like?

Commitment is the biggest determining factor for making the team (runner-ups are effort and team-chemistry). The time commitment is about 6 hours/week. 

Practice times are:

Tuesday, Thursday from 7pm - 8pm.
Sunday from 9am - 12:30pm.

Are there competitions?

Yes! We practice because it's fun, but also because there are tournaments throughout the year. We compete against other colleges with dragonboat teams. Here are just a few: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, SF State, SFL, and Bulldogs. 

In 2011-2012, Stanford Dragonboat raced in and placed:

7th Annual CDBA College Championship - C Division, 5th place (2:47.24)

9th Annual Arizona Race - B Division, 3rd place (2:31.54)
11th Annual CDBA Regional Regatta -  B Division, 4th place (2:29.52)

In 2012-2013, Stanford Dragonboat raced in and placed:

8th Annual CDBA College Championship - C Division, 4th place (2:47.11)

10th Annual Arizona Race - C Division, 2nd place

12th Annual CDBA Regional Regatta -  C Division, 3rd place (2:36:78) 

In 2013-2014, Stanford Dragonboat raced in and placed:

9th Annual CDBA College Championship - C Division, 2nd place (2:26:45)

11th Annual Arizona Race - C Division, 2nd place (2:17)

13th Annual CDBA Regional Regatta - D Division, 5th place (2:39.17)

What if I have never paddled before?

Don't worry about it! Many people on the team started dragonboat in college. We are always recruiting more members, so if you're interested, sign up with us by clicking on our sign up tab.